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Joyride 30th Anniversary Vinyl Box + T-shirt Bundle

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Joyride 30th Anniversary Vinyl Box + T-shirt Bundle.

The "Joyride" anniversary is celebrated with a vinyl box consisting of four LPs, which in addition to the original edition contains lots of unreleased or inaccessible material that paints a larger picture of a piece of Swedish music history: demos, alternative versions and leftover material.

In addition, a richly illustrated 32-page booklet is included, which in text and with unique images from Roxette's archive tells the story of how a classic Swedish pop album came to be.

Twelve previously unreleased songs.
Twelve of the songs are previously unreleased, including the first recording of "Hotblooded", which for a while was intended as the album's opening song before "Joyride" pushed it to second place. Interestingly, there are also two Golden Age songs here, which in January 1990 were candidates to end up on the upcoming Roxette record.